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Have you been dreaming of a home that’s more than just a house? We would love to help you make that dream become reality.

At J. Howell Custom Home Builder, we believe in creating spaces that nurture relationships – the building blocks of strong, vibrant communities. Here, you’ll get a front-row seat to the journey of building your very own J. Howell custom home.

Our YouTube channel takes you through the entire process, step-by-step, so you can experience the magic of transforming your vision into a beautiful, high-quality space you’ll cherish for years to come.

A Look Back On The Valley View Custom Home Build Series

Justin Howell talks about what a great experience working on the Valley View custom home build was, now that the project has neared completion.

Justin Howell guides us through the beautiful Valley View custom home build and shows off some of the modern lighting features being used today.

Justin Howell walks us through how his team integrated the Evolution Decking System by Fortress Building Products into their Valley View custom home build.

Welcome to the next home in our custom home building series, Valley View!

Justin shows the types of beams that are being installed at the Valley View house and talks about the different types of beams that are used in residential home construction.

Justin goes over the cabinets used in the Valley View custom home build as well as what types of cabinets and hardware are most common in modern design trends.

Justin goes over the thin brick application in the Valley View home and how a little creativity can save money and still deliver a high quality custom result.

Justin walks us through the thought process and installation of modular brick on the Valley View custom home build. He also talks about the stucco and the more modern approach that’s being used on this build.

Justin talks about the interior trimwork that’s being installed on the Valley View custom home build. Working within budget doesn’t mean neglecting style.

Justin Walks Us Through The More Traditional Method Of Drywall And Hand Texture That’s Going Into Our Valley View House. He Also Showcases An Area Of The Home That’s More Of A Smooth Wall Texture And Explains Different Options For Drywall Finishes.

Financing and Insurance conversation with Jared Ferrans, President of Grand Junction Market at Home Loan State Bank, in Grand Junction, Colorado. Jared explains the lending process.

Geo, what??? Justin Howell introduces Martin Chenoweth, Senior Mining & Geotechnical Engineer at Tetra Tech, and they observe the soils and processes related to the excavation and the geotechnical engineering on the Sunflower Hill custom home project.

Justin walks the site and details the foundation installation. The footer is in, and the stem wall is being formed. Rebar is being set, walls are being started & wailers will be added along the way. Justin shares how the foundation is formed to the geo technical engineers’ specifications and that the structural engineer’s plans will be implemented as well.

The day has finally come! It is time to take this house down so we can begin construction on the new custom home that will be built in its place. Justin walks through the site and describes the demolition process. The large equipment begins demolition and sorting of the old materials as they are removed.

Justin walks through the site post-abatement and discusses the necessity of radon testing at this time during the project. He shares the historical and technical reasons for radon testing and gives a tour of the home highlighting the asbestos abatement process as well as radon testing and how the team will need to prioritize the removal and sorting of the different components during demolition.

Asbestos & Abatement Deep Dive

Justin gives more information about how harmful asbestos can be shares how this information is important to homeowners.

Asbestos & Abatement

Justin Howell with J. Howell Custom Homebuilder walks through an active abatement site in preparation for demolition of an existing home they will demolish and rebuild a new custom home in its place. In this episode he talks about the safety of the site and give you and overview of the necessary precautions that are taken during this phase of the project.

Experience Built Over Time

Justin has been building homes, along with a reputation grounded in integrity, for over a decade. He grew up on the job-site dedicating his time and education to learning all he could about the career including personally working in many of the trades that it takes to build a home.

Sunflower Hill Series Kickoff

Justin Howell, Owner & Principal of J. Howell Custom Home Builder, introduces the Sunflower Hill project which will be a documented through this series of videos showcasing the project from demolition to (custom) rebuild. Follow along to see the excitement of this breathtaking project!

Welcome To Our Channel!

Justin Howell, Owner & Principal of J. Howell Custom Home Builder, a premier custom home builder in Grand Junction, Colorado, introduces their new YouTube channel and casts a vision for the value he hopes the channel brings.

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